About Us


We love what we do, and we love where we do it. There’s a reason we live and work in the heart of the UK’s largest national park.

Amazing trails and spectacular views are everywhere, from the summits through the ancient forests to the straths and meadows. And there’s no better way to enjoy them than to ride with us.

We hire and sell bikes, and also stock a wide range of carefully-selected accessories to help you upgrade or repair your bike and improve your experience.

We also have our own merchandise, which you can order exclusively online here.

Not only that, from spring to autumn we open the Gashouse, just next door to our shop and workshop at Boat of Garten railway station. Here we serve great coffee and fantastic cakes, to eat at our outdoor seating or take away. You can also buy our unique house coffee blend, the Ride Roast, as beans or ground coffee, to recreate the Ride experience at home.



Part of the UK bike scene for 15 years, Nash rides a Santa Cruz tallboy when he’s not delivering new bikes to clients or setting up hire bikes. He has a wealth of experience with Santa Cruz bikes and experience of fantastic trails around the world. Some of the best trails he’s ever seen? Right here in the Cairngorms.

Nash has also been involved for 20 years in bringing to life the Woodland Wheels pump track at Boat of Garten, and he’s now finally getting to enjoy the new course, alongside in-the-know locals and a growing number of visitors. It’s the place to be in the Cairngorms!


Ninja Mechanic, when he's not headbanging he certainly know his way around a bike like no other. With over 25 years of experince your bike could never be in safer hands.


The mountains are calling


Boss Hog