E-160 RS MX Enduro Electric Mountain Bike
E-160 RS MX Enduro Electric Mountain Bike

E-160 RS MX Enduro Electric Mountain Bike

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The E-160 RS MX is a versatile and involving mid-travel full suspension electric mountain bike for aggressive trail riding; pushing your envelope racing e-enduro between the tapes; back-country adventures; or having a blast on steep and techy trails. However you ride, with the confidence-inspiring E-160 RS MX you can turn up the fun on every trail.

Our lowered centre of gravity concept optimises the distribution of battery and motor mass within the chassis so you can experience exceptional cornering agility and a planted feel on any trail, while MX wheels deliver more front-wheel grip and roll-over combined with assured poise on steep and techy terrain. Combine this all with our ‘Total Geometry’ system with its generous reach, reassuring head angle and short offset fork gives you the most confidence-inspiring and agile e-bike we have ever made.

Wherever you ride, the latest Bosch 750Wh PowerTube battery and Performance Line CX motor have your back with more range, performance, and outstanding reliability than ever before so you can go even further.

With the Bosch Smart System – which links up the E-160 RS MX’s bar-mounted LED Remote, battery and motor via the companion 'eBike Flow' app – you can have even more information at your fingertips to manage, tailor and personalise your bike just how you want: tune the motor support levels; keep track of your bike’s performance and battery consumption; plan and navigate routes; keep your software up to date. And much, much more.

We’ve engineered the E-160 RS MX not just to perform today but for every day you want to ride it – for years to come. Everything from making the day-to-day tasks simple and easy – like hassle-free battery installation/removal, keeping room for a water bottle in the main frame, and in-the-bike-charging – to standing behind you for the long haul with the best rider support out there, four-year frame warranty and our lifetime warranty on bearings for total peace of mind. Because when a bike is this good you’ll want to ride it as much as possible. 

Please note: our custom motor covers are not currently compatible with the aftermarket Bosch eBike Alarm and Connect module to add bike tracking and alarm functionality to your Smart System bike.