Oi Luxe Large
Oi Luxe Large
Oi Luxe Large

Oi Luxe Large

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The Oi Luxe Bike Bell is a remarkable design with a beautiful tone. Fitting seamlessly onto any circular handlebar, its low profile gives it plenty of not-so-subtle style. The Large size fits 23.8 - 31.8mm bars, while the Small fits 22.2mm bars. Consult the size guide here to decide which size is right for you.

Oi Luxe features a CNC machined ringer, brass dinger, stitched vegan "leather" shim and metal injection moulded stainless steel. It's made to last and is a pleasure to have on your handlebar.



    • The Sound - The strike of the bell is firm and fast, allowing a good balance of volume and longevity of sound
    • The Mount - Handle-bar cables? No worries. Built into the shape of the mount is a cable management system
    • The Fit - Just pop it over you handle bar, give the hex screw a quick tighten up, and you're good to go.
    • The Look - Where bells usually protrude up or out, Oi doesn't. It appears to hover around the handle bars.



    • Weight - L: 46.5 g S: 31.5 g
    • Dimensions - L: H: 15 mm x W: 48 mm x L: 66 mm, S: H: 15 mm x W: 36 mm x L: 55 mm
    • Fits Bar Width - L: 23.8 - 31.8 mm bars, S: 22.2mm

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