Reserve 35|35 700C - DT 350 HUB XG Wheelset

Reserve 35|35 700C - DT 350 HUB XG Wheelset

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DT Swiss 350 Hub with Shimano XG driver body 

The Reserve 35|35 is your mileage hog, your ultra-reliable training partner, your KOM-grabber, and your week in, week out wheelset. It’s aerodynamic, but not as deep as some of our other offerings, so you’ll still get quick, predictable handling on blustery spring days. The 21mm internal width will work equally well with 25mm race tires and 30-35mm training/offseason/cyclocross tires, and the traditional bead hook means the wheels can happily be set up tubeless or with tubes. In keeping with its workmanlike ways, you’ll find external nipples and normal spokes—we don’t think you should ever have to take a tire and rim tape off just to retention a spoke.